If you're here, then it's probably because you saw "basic dni criteria" on someone's carrd and you're not sure what it means. I will try to explain it as best as I can.

Please note: English isn't my first language. I apologise if something on here sounds weird

Examples of "basic dni criteria" include, but are not limited to:
people who are racist, antisemitic, islamophobic, alt-right, neonazis, xenophobic and similarpeople who are "MAPs" (minor attracted people or simply pedophiles)ableist, sanist or similarsomeone who is LGBTphobic, bigoted towards LGBT identities or agrees with said viewssomeone who is a misogynist or otherwise sexistradfems, TERFs (trans exclusionary radical feminists), TEHMs (trans exclusionary homosexual males), SWERFS (sex worker exclusionary radical feminists) and other similar ideologies as well as those who agree with them
This is a list of people I very commonly see on dni lists. However, it might not be a full list, since it can vary from person to person. For example, an anti-shipper might include pro-shippers in their basic dni criteria. While a lot of people specify that, not all do. The best you can do is just assume that or just ask if it's okay for that specific group of people to interact.

1. What does DNI mean?
It means "do not interact". It's basically a list of people
the creator of the carrd/bio doesn't want to interact with.

2. What's the point of DNI?
A lot of people use DNIs to curate their online experience. For example, they might disagree with group A on stuff and thus are uncomfortable with them interacting.

3. What is the point of this carrd?
I noticed some people act confused when they see "basic dni criteria" so I decided to make this carrd to explain what it means!

4. Why is it "basic criteria"?
I'm not quite sure myself. I assume it's because the groups of peopl I mentioned are not welcomed in a lot of online spaces.

5. Can I contact you?
Yes. I am not comfortable sharing my main account on here, but you can talk to me on my alt - @nblmlen